1. Introduction | Welcome to the Art of the Trailer

    2. Lesson 1 | Characteristics of a Great Trailer

    3. Lesson 2 | Trailer Analysis 1: Last Night in Soho

    4. Lesson 3 | How Trailer Projects Start

    5. Challenge 1: Create a Concept Deck

    6. Lesson 4 | Trailer Analysis 2: Malcolm & Marie

    7. Lesson 5 | Copywriting

    8. Lesson 6 | Storytelling

    9. Lesson 7 | Music

    10. Challenge 2: Build Your Music

    11. Lesson 8 | Trailer Analysis 3: Cherry

    12. Challenge 3: Sound Design

    13. Lesson 9 | Editorial

    14. Challenge 4: Make An Edit

    15. Lesson 10 | Trailer Analysis 4: Joker

    16. Lesson 11 | Motion Graphics

    17. Challenge 5: Add Motion Graphics

    18. Lesson 12 | What is Finishing?

    19. Lesson 13 | Trailer Analysis 5: Judas and the Black Messiah

    20. Lesson 14 | Building Client Relationships

    21. Conclusion

Learn the Art of the Trailer

  • $497.00
  • 14 Video Lessons and 5 Challenge Assignments
  • Instructed by Brett Winn, Co-founder at The Refinery
  • Earn an interview at The Refinery


Make trailers for real Hollywood films under the guidance of professional trailer editors at one of Hollywood's top trailer shops.

Launch Your Trailer Cutting Career.

Learn the craft of movie trailer editing from an industry legend. What are the five fundamentals that every Clio™ award-winning trailer has in common?

  • Receive Project Templates

    Download and work from the same project templates real movie trailer editors start their major studio trailer projects with.

  • Feedback from Real Trailer Editors

    Get guidance and input on your work from professional trailer editors who cut for the major movie and TV studios.

  • Earn an interview at The Refinery

    Put in your best effort and you just might earn a job interview at The Refinery, one of Hollywood's top movie trailer studios.

“The course is wonderful, and should attract a lot of interest. There's a great deal to learn and a great deal of information presented in the course. The host is likeable and is a good teacher. I imagine other students are getting a lot out of the content.”

Tom Getty, Director at Acrolight Pictures